Ten years ago upon being diagnosed with sarcoidosis, I imagined the possibility that I could work for myself, perhaps run a company. I piloted a concept before being flat on my back, disabled, wondering how long I could continue holding on to faith while in chronic pain; mom coming home night after night bathing me; granny giving me meals, yet while my church family prayed. I was grateful for so much love and support, but I was miserable!

Recognizing that my true misery was actually anger, bitterness and living beneath my purpose, I repented. Upon God’s forgiveness then healing I went back to work…seemingly a dream job. While in the parking lot on a rainy day in 5-inch heels I fell on my back. I laid there thinking “what am I doing”. After agonizing with no one in sight, I decided, I’m done. I can be more fulfilled and effective if I started a firm.


February ’21 the Michelle Snow brand & affiliates will be eight (8) years old. Eight represents New Beginnings. I thank the “Career Coach on Duty” for her courageous strength, stubbornness, and ability to rise from ashes. She was absolutely necessary. While my services will remain the same, they will certainly be more dynamic. Please allow me to introduce to you…

Platinum Connect & Vision to Performance Coach! (see promo above)