We served an open social survey on our Facebook Platform to learn more about how our neighbors were coping with Covid-19. The results were random from participants averaging ages 35 to 65, Black, dominantly female with some male participation during the months of March, April and May 2020.
 – Coffee Comfort – Most participants are no longer driving to fast-food chains for a daily cup of black gold, i.e. Coffee. Participants are buying coffee grinds from the super market or ordering specialty gourmet coffee grinds online to make coffee fresh from home daily. Some shared that brewing from home is becoming somewhat both a hobby and a form of self-care. Pastor Keith Pelzer created a home talk show “Koffee with Keith”.
 – Fighting With Hot Tea – Average consumption was two to three cups a day at the peak of the corona virus (March and early April 2020). Participants were in constant fear of catching the corona virus. Tea became their weapon of choice.
 – Who’s Kissing – We asked couples if they are still kissing during the Covid-19 peak outbreak. Most chuckled at the question. Many ladies noted that their spouse/partner were not compromising. The men were quoted, “I’m not quarantining at home”. So it sounds like most couples were giving or getting a little extra “loving”. However, there were a few rebels that were defiant. They said they were ABSOLUTELY NOT kissing under any circumstances. We also found that Single Women remained single. Live in-person dating was not an option as singles were concerned about their personal health and the risk of tracking corona virus into their homes and the lives of their children.
 – 24 Hour House Trap – Wives chimed in to tell us if they were pleased (during the Red Phase of the pandemic) to be home all-day and all-night with their husbands. We are not confident we received 100% accuracy in feedback. Many wives exclaimed that they loved being home “House Trapped” with hubby. Other wives had mixed reactions. Some stated that they wanted hubby out! Too much close contact all the time was exhausting. Some wives simple stated, I like it sometimes, and sometimes I don’t.
 – Radio Station – Is anyone listening…to the radio? Well, even though the internet exceeds ratings in most categories, we found that our participants are still radio friendly. Their habits changed slightly as most shared that they prefer to listen while driving or in route to or from work. Others still find time to listen to their favorite radio stations. Some of our Philadelphia participants mentioned NPR, KYW, WDAS, WURD, Radio One Stations. I’ll add to the pot that I sometimes listen to K-Love while driving.
 – Virtual Church – We had a little fun by asking our participants about their virtual church service experience. Traditionally in high-spirited churches, congregants experience the excitement of bold sound, shouts, and the organ. We asked participants if they still wanted the preacher to holler and shout if there was no music or organ. Unfortunately, folks were either too shy to talk about their church openly or the question made them ponder beyond a Facebook moment. The question was “Is it ok for your pastor to scream at your phone during church now? #VirtualChurch #NoOrgan” – Most participants were fine with whatever style their preacher chose and simply laughed at the question.